nottingham enlightened
about Notts Frogs
The Nottingham Enlightened community has been active for several years, with people from all areas in and around Nottingham. We are a very wide and varied group of people, and all are welcome.

We have local relaxed meetings to chat about gameplay, swap kit, and plan events. These are generally held in local pubs or coffee shops.

Locally we take part in operations to expand the influence of the Enlightened by creating control fields - the way the game keeps score between the two factions. We also have to work to prevent the Resistance from taking control of the county.

On a global level, there are large events, known as anomalies, which a number of local players often attend. These are held around the world, and often have a location within the UK. Nottingham players have been known to travel all throughout Europe to attend anomalies, where we meet new players, and see some of the sites of the host city.